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Name: Mixalot



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Company/Number of Employees: 6


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Mixalot is a patent-pending software that automates pairing or grouping people for face-to-face interactions based on their personal preferences. The software was originally developed to automate the labor intensive tasks involved in running live speed dating events but has proven to be useful in many other types of networking events that involve pairing or grouping people based on personal preferences or interests. At Mixalot, we partner with event organizers and promoters to use our software to scale their events, reduce workload, and increase revenue. Our team has extensive experience in planning and executing all types of events, including speed dating. The software’s functionality and user experience design is constantly expanding and we are launching straight speed dating and business networking events in 2017.


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Full Name: Rachel Weinstein

E-mail address:

Phone #: 212-671-0551


Area of Business Process Improvement Your Organization Needs:

Mixalot just launched its software product to run live events in October 2016. The company's first quarter was devoted to developing our initial partnerships with event hosts, and 11 events were run with our software in cities across the country between October and December 2016 serving over 500 participants. We are seeking assistance with implementing a SaaS solution to help us better manage the various administrative and technical tasks that go into supporting a large number of events across the country, so that we can ensure we provide our customers with a top-notch product, while maintaining an organized and manageable infrastructure on the backend.


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Rachel Weinstein holds a degree in Computer Science fromHarvard University. After obtaining her degree, she worked as a Software Developer at and was a software consultant to the Harvard University Department of Economics. Rachel has managed a startup team of over 20 providing government social services. She is highly experienced with event promotion and leadership and is the founder and owner of Lady Luck, a profitable speed dating company in Southern California. Rachel also has over 10 years experience as a professional writer and database manager in the non-profit space.

After launching Lady Luck, Rachel developed the Mixalot software as a way to automate pairing people who are a good fit; rotating people during a live event; recording people’s preferences for each other; and sending out matches to participants after an event. To our knowledge, this end-to-end automation of the speed dating process is unique, and the implementation is now patent-pending. Mixalot enables anyone—from a local church, to a major conference organizer—to host high-quality, scalable, profitable speed dating or networking events, with none of the labor-intensive manual work that typically would go into hosting such events.

Project Proposal:

Currently, Mixalot has only a small number of promoters using the software, so it’s not hard to keep track of all the details that go into supporting a host in running an event or many events. However, as we grow, we are going to rapidly need a SaaS solution to help us manage all the details. Some of the tasks that go into supporting an event include:

• Training the hosts

• Setting up password access to the Mixalot system

• Setting up the events properly on the Mixalot software

• Checking that the syncing between ticket systems is working

• Calculating cost to promoters based on individual deals

• Scheduling and providing on-call support during events

• Sending out surveys after the event

• Handling billing/payouts with our promoters

• Overall, keeping a calendar of upcoming scheduled and tentative events

All of these tasks need to be scheduled around the dates of each event, and some depend on how long we have been working with a promoter/company whether they are needed or not. Currently, things are basically tracked in a combination of Excel, Asana (our project management software), email, and verbal conversations. We really need a better system to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks, i.e. that for each event, all the event-related details get taken care of in a timely manner, with easy reminders of what to do when. We think there are systems out there that could help – maybe CRMs or other sales management platforms? But we are not really familiar with them. We currently use Hubspot to track our sales contacts. But the event execution process is totally separate. The USC group could help us determine an effective solution to properly manage all the event administration.



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Posted on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

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