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Hack the Hood - South LA



Organization Type and Size (only select one please): Nonprofit

     Non-profit/Number Served Annually:15-20 youth in first year; doubling in subsequent years

Your Organization's Product or Service (please be specific):

Hack the Hood is based on the premise of teaching tech skills to youth from underserved communities. It utilizes the community to do so, both with tech companies and the small business community.

Youth enter a 6-week bootcamp, where they learn tech skills primarily in building web sites, professionalism, and career exploration. After the six weeks of learning the basics of web development, they apply their knowledge by working with small businesses in the community to build an actual web site for the business. Youth learn tech skills, the concept of partnerships, and professional business interaction. 

Sponsors and support comes generally from the tech community through sponsorship dollars, volunteer instructors and mentors, and job opportunities for participating youth. The youth are provided with skills and opportunities to better their lives long-term.

The program exists currently in Oakland, Ca. This proposal is to launch the program in Southern Ca, utilizing Silicon Beach companies for sponsorship and volunteer support.

Your Organization's Point of Contact:

     Full Name: Collette Hanna

     E-mail address:

     Phone #: 213-447-6321

Area of Business Process Improvement Your Organization Needs (please be as specific as you can):

Program elements and curriculum exist through the model utilized in Northern Ca/Oakland. The same plan would be implemented in Southern Ca. Development of a plan to gain sponsorship, volunteer support, and community involvement is needed for Southern Ca, specifically launching in the South LA area. A process is needed for getting tech company support, recruiting volunteers and instructors, raising funds (including computer donations), and obtaining a facility for the 6-week bootcamp.



1) The student team will focus on ONE area of business process improvement that your organization needs.  If you have not done so already, please provide the following:

The one area of process improvement needed is for increasing external engagement in the project - external scalable recruitment, management, and metrics for tracking progress. Since the program is just getting off the ground in South LA, for now all external engagement is planned to be person-to-person.


2) What is your experience with business process improvement?

Fairly extensive; have implemented informal process improvements in multiple roles, including implementation of CRM systems, web site development, program development and implementation. Very open to a more formalized process.


3) Where is your organization currently operating from?  Your address is preferred, but a a general area is acceptable (like DTLA, West side, Hollywood, etc)

Program will operate out of South LA.


4) Are you willing to participate in physical meetings (i.e. JoinIN Huddles) with students on USC campus?

Yes. January 30 MAY be a conflict; will have to confirm.  April 26 will be fine.


5) How do you think you and your organization can benefit the USC students?  

Happy to provide a rating of the project outcome and the individual students. I think this project is also unique in being a nonprofit with a firm and solid establishment in Northern California, with an opportunity to launch to establish the same strength and recognition in South LA. A great way to teach business process to a nonprofit.


Posted on Friday, December 30th, 2016

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