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Culture, Philosophy, Art, Literature

The purpose of this playbook is to explore other cool stuff that are non-startup related. There's a world of knowledge and experiences out there, so lets collect it in a playbook and share it. 


How this works -

1 - Only Videos. You can include other written content in the play but if there's no video, then the play will be removed :/

2 - Videos can include startup founders but can't be on startup tech. Must be on politics, philosophy, art, literature, etc.

3 - If TMZ or any mindless Entertainment channel or media company would show it, then it doesn't belong here.

4 - Enjoy. Imagine, after a long day, you come back home, you dont want to work but dont want something mindless either. Whatever that is, put it here.

5 - Foreign intellectual films are welcomed!


And as the picture says (the second one on this playbook), I know that I do not know. So I'm hoping we can all help one another learn a bit more :)



Many thanks,

- A


PS - The first photo above is a reproduction of the following -


Posted on Saturday, December 24th, 2016

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