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USC Open Innovation Program Application



     Name: Yoga Wake Up


Organization Type and Size:

     Company/Number of Employees: 4 

Your Organization's Product or Service:

Yoga Wake Up’s mission is to help the world wake up more peacefully and with more ease.  We believe that if we all woke up with a little yoga or meditation, the world would be much better off.  No more road rage on the way to the office, more calm when dealing with cranky kids, more love and kindness.  Yoga Wake Up does this by replacing the alarm on our iPhones with 5-15 minutes of audio instructed yoga, meditation and stretching by a variety of amazing certified teachers.  The user can choose what kind of wakeup they want and download any of 60 different options to find one that suits their interests and goals.  Some offer up intention setting, some offer more rigorous movement or “asana” and some are just simple guided stretches that can be done from bed.  All are paired with music ranging from pop music to “yoga” music such as chimes or rain. Each gets the user onto their feet to start their day. A handful of meditation-only wakeups are done seated and can be played any time, not just upon waking up.

Your Organization's Point of Contact:

     Full Name: Lizzie Brown

     E-mail address:

     Phone #: 323.420.4028

Area of Business Process Improvement Your Organization Needs:

My husband and I never went to business school but I have owned my own business for more than 10 years. We have experience limited by the scope of what we do, in my case PR and marketing for emerging brands.  We need help learning how to scale, attract strategic partners, and prioritizing how we use our limited (bootstrapped) budget. We are also in need of understanding and building retention tools in a rapidly evolving mobile landscape.

Other Helpful Background Information You'd Like to Provide About Your Organization:

We have had some really good traction - 35,000 downloads, 500 daily active users, 9000 monthly active users and the company has made more than $3K in revenue. We are bootstrapped and my husband is the developer and I do PR and marketing. We pay contractors to help with digital marketing and social media. Excited for the opportunity to get important feedback from USC business students and eager for the fresh perspective on our growing startup!  Thanks!


1) The student team will focus on ONE area of business process improvement that your organization needs.  If you have not done so already, please provide the following:

  • What is the ONE specific business area you need help with?
    •    Teacher/content creator acquisition and management + metrics
  • What is the process you have been using in this business area? 
    •    Our app on-boards yoga and meditation teachers and currently we do this by sourcing teachers individually and personally inviting them to come record in person with us.  Recording is done in-house and locally, and therefore is not really scalable as is.  Furthermore, we have tried in the past sourcing teachers through digital marketing ads (ie. "calling all teachers") and then sending them a tutorial with complete instructions for self-recording and editing. This method didn't work.  It was both confusing to the teacher and a QA issue for us, as none of them really understood how to record effectively and edit out any extra noise or sound issues.  Ideally, we develop a scalable process, perhaps digital, through which we can onboard teachers nationally and even internationally at a reasonable cost and in a way that maintains our current recording standards. We also want to build in metrics so that we can understand which teachers perform best and which types of wakeups they offer, music, etc. are most appealing through the app. 
  • What is your expectation of the level of improvement that can be achieved in one semester?
    • Given that we don't currently have an effective process in place, we are really open to any kind of progress made with this problem.  We also really respect and value these young minds in business school.  If they're up to the task, we are confident that together we can find a way to build a better process here!  We're looking forward to working closely with the students on this.

2) What is your experience with business process improvement? None

  • Have you had anyone advise or consult with you in this regard?  No, very eager to learn more.
  • How willing are you to consider creative business process redesigns? Very willing. We are a young, nimble company and have an unlimited runway (Joaquin is the developer and I handle PR and marketing through our agency KAMALA COLLECTIVE.) We are therefore very easily able to pivot. We also have savings that we will invest for the right reasons if if we can realistically see the ROI.
  • How willing are you to consider use of software as a service (online software) to enable process improvement? Willing.

3) Where is your organization currently operating from?  12655 W. Jefferson Blvd. (WeWork Playa Vista)

4) Are you willing to participate in physical meetings (i.e. JoinIN Huddles) with students on USC campus? Yes. Available both dates and willing to also attend any additional meetings.

5) How do you think you and your organization can benefit the USC students?  We are very familiar with working with students and place a lot of value on younger, actively learning minds.  We have a robust internship program through our PR agency KAMALA COLLECTIVE and employ one intern per semester, all of which have found our program very gratifying. It is definitely a reciprocal relationship and we really appreciate the input from our students.

  • Can you commit to providing a rating of the project outcome? Yes
  • Can you commit to individual rating of the students assigned to your organization?  Yes
  • Can the students assigned to your organization list you as a reference in their future job search?  Yes

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Posted on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

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