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     Name: The Share App


Organization Type and Size:

     Company/Number of Employees: 4


Your Organization's Product or Service:

 When trying to take a group picture, you always end up with one person having 10 different phones to take the exact same picture 10 different times. We do this because there is no easy way to share pictures. With SMS or Email you have to have everyone's contact info and you could just post them on Social Media but a lot of people don't want you to post their photos on social media, so we end up taking the same picture on 10 different phones.
The Share App allows someone to take a picture of you, and you instantly have that picture. Not because you're friends or connected in any way, but because you're Nearby. Share let's you share pictures with

Your Organization's Point of Contact:

     Full Name: Rigo Garcia

     E-mail address:

     Phone #: 213.842.1990


Area of Business Process Improvement Your Organization Needs:

We need process help with how we manage communicating with our users as well as collecting feedback

Being that we are in Beta, it is very important for us to communicate with our users and collect feedback from them.  As new users signup (in both iOS and Android), we have their email address stored in our Database. Currently, we manually add new users to our mailChimp email lists, which is an inefficient method to maintain.  Ideally we also want to have different email lists for Android vs iOS since both versions of the app are in different phases, so the Android version doesn't yet have all of the features in the iOS app.  We need help syncing all of this.

Additionally, we are adding a feedback form within the app to encourage users to submit feedback or let us know about bugs. This feedback is stored in the database, and is also sent to us via email.  When they submit feedback within the app we are able to capture if they are on iOS or Android, but when people respond to our emails, they don't always, so we have to email them back to get more details.  Ideally we would like to see all feedback in one place.



Other Helpful Background Information You'd Like to Provide About Your Organization:



1) The student team will focus on ONE area of business process improvement that your organization needs.  If you have not done so already, please provide the following:

  • What is the ONE specific business area you need help with? 
    -See above
  • What is the process you have been using in this business area?
    -A manual inefficient process
  • What is your expectation of the level of improvement that can be achieved in one semester? 
    -I think it's enough time to propose a more efficient process

2) What is your experience with business process improvement?

  • Have you had anyone advise or consult with you in this regard?  If so, what were the results?
  • How willing are you to consider creative business process redesigns?
    -Very open to feedback
  • How willing are you to consider use of software as a service (online software) to enable process improvement?
    -Very much. I've been looking into services like Zapier

3) Where is your organization currently operating from?  Your address is preferred, but a a general area is acceptable (like DTLA, West side, Hollywood, etc)
-Woodland Hills

4) Are you willing to participate in physical meetings (i.e. JoinIN Huddles) with students on USC campus?

  • If so, are you available on January 30th and April 26th to JoinIN the USC class (2 hours each)?  These are two key dates for program launch and program final presentations.  
  • There will be up to two additional Huddles (in February and March).  Are you willing to attend up to two additional meetings (TBD dates, 2 hours each)?

5) How do you think you and your organization can benefit the USC students?  
-I just finished my part-time MBA at USC in '16 so I'm very familiar with the classroom environment and am willing to help mentor or guide any of them who may be interested in startups

  • Can you commit to providing a rating of the project outcome?
  • Can you commit to individual rating of the students assigned to your organization?  
  • Can the students assigned to your organization list you as a reference in their future job search?  

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Posted on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

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