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     Name: BUILD

     URL:; For Los Angeles:

Organization Type and Size:

     Company/Number of Employees: 

     Non-profit/Number Served Annually: Starting in 2017, 400 high school students 

     Academic Organization/Number of Students:

     Group or a Community/Number of Members:

     Other Organization Type (explain):


Your Organization's Product or Service:

 BUILD uses entrepreneurship education to engage and inspire high school students to college and career success.  BUILD's services are a combination of in-school teaching and after-school mentoring from volunteers.  BUILD students work together in small teams to create, prototype and sell a product.  This experience teaches essential life skills like problem-solving, collaboration and grit that research shows students need for college and career success.

Your Organization's Point of Contact:

     Full Name: Matt Scelza

     E-mail address:

     Phone #: 213-814-4727


Area of Business Process Improvement Your Organization Needs:

As a startup region for a well-established national nonprofit (BUILD was founded in 1999), BUILD Los Angeles has its basic business processes in order.  There are two areas where we can use help:

  1. Finding ways to expand our reach to engage more volunteers and more sales opportunities for students. These methods could include pop-up fundraising event plans, Farmers’ Market booths, etc.  We want to both enroll more volunteers and provide our students more chances to sell their products.  Among our questions in this area: What should be the design and marketing of our pitch materials at these events?  What community events are the most worthwhile?  How can we train volunteers to staff these events so that our paid employees can focus on our school sites?
  2. Online campaigns and donor engagement

 We want to connect our donors to a student team so they can see exactly where their $100 or $500 went.  Research shows that all donors, but especially younger donors under the age of 40, appreciate this type of clear line between their gift and positive impact.  A nonprofit called Charity:Water does this incredibly well and is our model for success.  Charity:Water sends emails to its donors with language and images that directly tie a donor's contribution to a particular water project, i.e., “Your $300 helped create this well in Tanzania”…with a picture of the actual well being dug and/or residents using the well.

Other Helpful Background Information You'd Like to Provide About Your Organization:

 BUILD Los Angeles is an interesting organization because it is at once a start-up nonprofit with a team of three (four by February 1st) and at the same time, it is part of a national organization with 125 employees and a budget of $15 million.  Many of our Board members and current supporters like that they get the best of both worlds with BUILD.  

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Posted on Friday, December 16th, 2016

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