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Howstr (HOW - str) Instructions without limits

Did you know that "HOW TO" is searched twice as often as "GMAIL" and 3x as often as "WEATHER"? That's because instructions suck. It's hard to find the answer you need. Howstr has the answer to all your "how to" questions.

At least, it will later. Today Howstr is a one-person startup with a crude demo and a grand vision (also lots of coffee).

Details for USC

Organization Type and Size: just a boy, standing in front of an internet, asking it to love his startup
Company/Number of Employees: uno
Your Organization's Product or Service: solutions ;) nah it's software, but I make a mean cheesecake if that will help
Your Organization's Point of Contact: Matt (the guy writing this)
E-mail address:
Area of Business Process Improvement Your Organization Needs: recruiting - I think I can handle the "hacker" side for now. I'd say filling the designer hole is more important than the "hustler" hole at the moment. The interface is really important. 
Other Helpful Background Information You'd Like to Provide About Your Organization: I've been evolving this specific idea for about 6 years, ever since I made my own 3D printer from open source plans I found on the internet (RepRap). I tried to get into bigger projects such as cars (Wikispeed) and farm equipment (OSE) but the tools and processes broke down. So I had some ideas for improving things and one step led to another. I taught myself to code, iterated through several prototypes, convinced myself and several other people it could work, etc. I had a cofounder, but life got in the way, so at the moment it's me, one (absurdly excited) user, and a technical advisor. I'm getting out of the Air Force in January to work on Howstr full-time. 

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Posted on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

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