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JoinIN Product To Do and Tasks

This Playbook contains all "Product Related" information and user feedback or issues, including surveys to make our Product (online and offline) the most accessible and awesome it can be! 

The process for internal team members is:

  • Create a play called: "Minor Issues (Your NAME)" and add it to this Playbook.  Then add minor issues you find in this play.  The Dev team will check this Playbook everyday and as they work them off, they will add them in their "Minor Fixes (Their NAME)" play.  You can check these periodically to keep your own Play up to date.
  • For larger issues, where some explanation and a screen image may be needed, create separate plays with a title that is descriptive of the issue.
  • As the Dev Team addresses the issues, they will create plays that start with the same title including the word Fixed.  The pays about issues that are fixed, will be removed periodically.  But they are not deleted from the system.

All the plays in this playbook should be PRIVATE.

The team gets notified at when plays are added to this playbook.

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Posted on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

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