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11-9-16 JoinIN Team (Caltech)

This Playbook will allow us to continue collaborating after the great JoinIN session on 11-9-16 with 5 founders talking about their companies (or ideas) and collaborating at Caltech.

The companies (or ideas) and their founders are:

  • Caltech Store, Lawrence Lee
  • CauseAI, Alex Teng
  • Micro Dev, Andrew Ding
  • Neighborhood Concierge, Peng Chass
  • Optimize Therapeutics, Colin Cook

Well done!

We also shared facts and data about Silicon Beach.  You will find the data that we discussed in 2 playbooks, "Silicon Beach and LA Startup Ecosystem" and "Startup Success Factors."

We also had two startup developers, Arsames Qajar and Sally Kang share their experiences as entrepreneurs and comparing and contrasting with working in traditional companies. 

To stay in touch and collaborate, please add your own Play to this Playbook.  It can be about your project or idea or any other relevant piece of information.

Let's keep collaborating!

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Posted on Thursday, November 10th, 2016

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