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Sonya Sepahban || Closed || 428 views ||

10-27-16 JoinIN Team (WeWork Playa Vista)

This Playbook will allow us to continue collaborating after the great JoinIN session on 10-27-16 with 6 founders talking about their companies (or ideas) and collaborating at WeWork Playa Vista.

The companies (or ideas) and their founders are:

  • Dwellio, Jay Ramirez
  • Gem Changing Ventures, Andra Nina Davis
  • Just Spices, Florian Falk
  • Pure Malibu, Matt Schubin
  • Rhovit, Matt McCullough 
  • Shapeshifterz, Tanja Richter


Well done!

To stay in touch and collaborate, please add your own Play to this Playbook.

Let's keep collaborating!


Posted on Thursday, October 27th, 2016

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